Quali sono alcuni esempi di competizione intraspecifica e competizione interspecifica?


Le interazioni intra e interspecifiche sono molto comuni nei nostri dintorni.


Interazione intraspecifica:

  1. Take a handful of mustard seeds and sow them in a pot and water them regularly, provide all the required conditions for them to germinate.
  2. Almost all the seeds would germinate but all of them may not turn into plants.
  3. This is due to the competition among the seedlings for space, water, nutrients, and sunlight.
  4. This type of interaction between the members of the same species for shelter, nutrients is called intraspecific interaction.

Interazione interspecifica:

  1. Imagine a cow and a horse on a piece of grassland.
  2. Both of them belong to different species but compete for the same grass (food).
  3. This type of interaction is called interspecific interaction.

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