Come si calcola la percentuale di dissociazione?

Divide the mass of dissociated ions by the total mass of dissociated and undissociated species; then multiply by 100 percent.

You can do this by moles, too, if you use the proper coefficients from the balanced reaction.

Example: When 0.5 mol of acetic acid is dissolved in enough water to make 1 liter of solution, the measured pH is 2.5. What is the percent dissociation of the acid?

Concentration of ionized acid = #10^(-2.5)# M = 3.2 x #10^(-3)# M
Concentration of undissociated acid = 0.497 M
Percent dissociated = 3.2 x #10^(-3)# M / 0.5 M * 100% = 0.64%

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